Inspired by one of my favorite quotes "If you are not living on the Edge, you are taking up too much Space", and also the challenge of Larry Seiler, from whom I am following a teaching webcast on painting and stretching my boundarys, I am going to start a blog of 120 (or more) paintings, all postcard size, some from life, others from photos refs. they will be primarily watercolor, as I strive to become a better watercolorist, but I may also deviate into other areas as my fancy takes me. I love to experiment so you never know what might surface.

I love ink drawings colored with watercolor or colored ink. but I am also trying to lay color down without first drawing , trying to loosen up the compulsion to detail that I have

Friday, September 12, 2014

this is an ink and watercolor of the Lady Bug House in Wales


Monday, September 8, 2014

I have not posted for a while, so here are a couple ink and watercolor sketches I did in my friends back yard this weekend


Thursday, February 27, 2014

here are also a couple sketches I did in my journal,
the first is at seven sacred pools on the Hana Highway
the second from Maluaka Beach


Hey everyone
just got back from 2 weeks in Maiu, enjoying the beauty and the art scene.
I painted several small watercolors and postcards while there:

12 postcards

 red spider Lily
 Green Turtle sunning at the Beach
 Lana'i seen from Bubba Gumps in Lahaina
 from the Hibiscus hedge
 sunset at Charlie Young beach
 Sunset at Kanaha Beach
 Windfarm over Ma'alaea Bay
Sunrise over Haleakala
 African Tulip Tree blossoms
 orchids garnished a meal
Kamaole Beach

4 small paintings

 As the sun rose on the surfers
 sunset at Charlie Young beach
 Molokini Crator

one watercolor sketch
sketching Dale Zarrrella carving at his outdoor studio

Saturday, October 12, 2013

a couple in acrylic ink and watercolor.  I won a pkg of acrylic Ink from  Higgins Ink and have been experimenting with then and watercolor.

 the foliage is ink, the path and sky are watercolor
 #77 wooded path

the fence , woodgrain and roof are ink, the rest- WC

 #78 old barn

Ink background and woodgrain, the rest- WC
I had lots of fun with these

I have also been working on Vellum, with Ink and watercolor, here are  few:

#71 Gulls

#72 Legend

here are a few watercolors:

#74 stormy sky

watercolor cardstock


 #75 Lucy

and some conte, charcoal and graphite on colored paper


another few I have done in the past few months,  these are a few from a mini landscape exchange I did. they are also the first landscape oils I tried. These are  a few of my favorites.