Inspired by one of my favorite quotes "If you are not living on the Edge, you are taking up too much Space", and also the challenge of Larry Seiler, from whom I am following a teaching webcast on painting and stretching my boundarys, I am going to start a blog of 120 (or more) paintings, all postcard size, some from life, others from photos refs. they will be primarily watercolor, as I strive to become a better watercolorist, but I may also deviate into other areas as my fancy takes me. I love to experiment so you never know what might surface.

I love ink drawings colored with watercolor or colored ink. but I am also trying to lay color down without first drawing , trying to loosen up the compulsion to detail that I have

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Casa Battlo

Casa Batlló 
Using sensuous curves in iron and stone and glittering, luminous trencadis (collage of broken tiles and ceramic) on the facade, the Casa Batlló is widely thought to represent the legend of Saint George (the patron saint of Catalonia) and his dragon. The balconies are protected by imposing skull-like formations and supported by vertebrae-like columns representing the dragon's victims, while the spectacular roof is the dragon's humped and glossy scaled back. Saint George can be seen in the turret, his lance crowned by a cross. Although the admission price may seem steep compared to many other Gaudí attractions, the interior of the building is just as extravagantly spectacular as the exterior, with sinuous staircases, flowing wood paneling, and a stained-glass gallery supported by yet more bone-like columns.
this is a 5x7 rendition of the upper balcony and the scaled roof- fun playing with color


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